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What Makes us Different

MrsFlorist believes in professionalism and satisfaction of our customers. Valuing our customers is our foremost priority and that is what distinguishes us from other florists in the area. We believe that flowers are an indispensable part of our society and we value them. Flowers are meant to make people smile and make them feel happy.

What do you need to have to be a part of our very own MrsFlorist?

Foremost quality that we look for is the basic knowledge about the flowers; flower designing and horticulture, etc. Although becoming a florist does not demand you to be very knowledgeable and well-educated but you must possess a few must-qualities. These qualities include passion most importantly, and you must be adept at arranging flowers and trying various innovative flower designs. The only thing we need from you is your fervor and enthusiasm to make us the best.

The second thing we want our florists to have is an impressive personality. As they say “First impression is the last impression” holds true in this very case. The way you dress up and talk to your clients determines how they think of the organization or the firm. Possessing effective communication skills makes the client think of the high standards of the firm. Furthermore, you need to persuade and convince your clients which cannot be thought of unless you possess great speaking ability.

Last but not the least is accreditation. Although it is not a must but being a certified florist changes the whole context of what people think of you. A certified florist can prove his worth more easily than a non-accredited florist. You can more easily claim your vehemence and ardor as a florist.

If you possess the above mentioned qualities, then congrats, you are in fact a great florist. We have distinguished and expert florists here at MrsFlorists who are there to serve you in the best possible way. Their enthusiasm and fervor is unparalleled. You won’t find such professional attitude and zeal among the workers of other flower shops.

We provide our services 24/7 with no shipping charges on orders over Rs 1500/-. No need to worry about the freshness of flowers: we have it covered!